About Us


The head office of our group which continues to provide international transportation and logistics services since 1992 is located in Istanbul.
It continues its activities all over the country, mainly in Istanbul, Izmir, Mersin and Bursa.
It provides services as IATA agency in air transportation and as Forwarder agency in maritime transport.
Especially in air transportation, our group, which has awards from many airlines, primarily TYH, continues to move forward with confident steps.


Precious Shipping
Hazardous Materials

Our Values!
* We attach importance and value to expertise based on knowledge and experience.
* With the logic that the individuals forward companies, companies sectors and sectors all the economy and countries, we attach great importance and value to education.
* We believe that the synergy created by coordination and communication will lead to success.
* Principles, culture and style are important. For this reason, we believe that creating the style and culture of each individual and corporate and having its principles will contribute to success.
* We believe that it is one of the keys to success to focus on innovation and sustainable achievements and to set goals according to this.
* With the logic of uncontrolled power is not a power, we believe that periodic audits improve and develop the successes of the analysis while continuing on the way.

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